Thursday, September 9, 2010


A lot of news to report today....!

ok, so our new EP is done. We just finished it somehow. and it came out perfect. We're super happy with it. And we hope you will be to. It's gonna be called "Sleep, Sweet Memories".


We are very stoked to be a part of a new D.I.Y. record label called Ultravivid Recordings. It is run by the fellas in Dash Jacket. And we can tell you that there is going to be some AWESOME releases coming out of there. (not to mention the great ones already out on it).

Check out what's going down-
The Lovely Bad Things new album - Shark Week. Is out soon.
Muddy Flowers new album - Downer. Is out
and so much more.

(there are rad write-ups on the new releases as well).

-Our album "Letters of Going Away" from january of this year('10) is being re-released on uvr.

- We're really excited for our new Ep, which will soon follow!

Thanks so much for coming to our shows and spreadin' the word.

Oh yea. hope you enjoy our new tracks.

We'll cya soon.

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