Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So i thought i'd give this blog thing a try. We'll see if i commit to this, cause you know commitments are never easy. but i figure it is worth a shot. I'm pretty stoked on some new developments happening in AA land.

First of all, after 5 months of tracking, mixing, and loosing my mind an album is finished. We are calling it "Letters of Going Away" after the first song that Tony and I wrote for this band, before it was even a band. and i think that we're all pretty happy with the way things turned out. I took a drive last night after recieving the master copy, drove through the canyon.. and I almost cried. Just everything that we put into making this album, all the emotion, scheduling, and time finally paid off.

Making an album is by far the hardest thing i've done musically.

Secondly, we are going on a tour of sorts, starting tomorrow:

Well good night!


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